Teacher Writer Spotlight: Carri Bevil

Posted by Richard Kingham on December 29, 2020

Carri Bevil saw firsthand how effective STEMscopes Science was in her district. So when asked to join the new STEMscopes Math team as a curriculum writer, she knew she’d be helping to create a quality learning experience. Bevil has been a key writer in the development of STEMscopes Math since 2018, and is actively involved as the team prepares to craft the company’s first middle school math curriculum. 

Bevil loves that STEMscopes Math aligns with her own teaching philosophy: “As educators, we need to meet the students where they are and guide them as they grow, while making learning meaningful,” she says. STEMscopes was designed to meet the needs of individual students, enabling teachers to differentiate learning through the 5E+IA model. 5E+IA not only supports differentiated learning for each student, it also makes math relevant to the lives of students. As Bevil says, “I love that STEMscopes follows the 5E model, which gives students the chance to explore and discover new concepts, while making the learning meaningful in the real world.”

After retiring from full-time teaching in June 2020, Bevil plans to spend more of her time volunteering at church and hanging out with her family, which includes two grown children, five grown stepchildren, and five grandchildren. She will also continue to influence the lives of teachers and students as a curriculum writer. In her own words, “Writing curriculum is my love and helps me to support many teachers and, ultimately, many children.” 



Topics: math, teacher writers